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Nature imagesThis website is dynamic and developing. The subject of ‘Christian Animism’ is both vast and complex and it will take time to begin to present it in a coherent and integrated way.

We ask for your patience but also your involvement; please respond with comments, suggestions and ideas to what you see on this site.

This website is unashamedly Jesus-centered but completely inclusive. Our plan is for this to be a multi-voiced site; blending biblical voices with those of Indigenous communities including Pagans, giving space to the voices of mainstream Christians alongside those on the edge; hearing the voices of other faiths, of those uncertain of their beliefs and people working through deep doubt and anxiety.

We want this website to be conceptual, spiritual and inspirational but also applied and very practical. We also want it to be beautiful and joyful!

Initially we see the development of this website as having three stages:

1st   We hope that the current website content is endeavoring to ‘map’ out the subject and present some initial reflections under each of the subject themes and that in turn, this will stimulate responses and generate ideas for further developments.

2nd   Noel Moules is writing a book with the same title as the website where the core subject matter will be presented in a more linear, reflective and storytelling style. It is hoped that this experience will reflect back on to the website and a strong synergy between the site and the book will be shaped.

3rd   In the light of the first two steps we hope to deepen and expand the site and continue this process through on-going reflection, conversation and relationship with those who are interested in what we are doing.