books & more…

A brief and growing list of books that we find helpful.

  • Stephen Cory: Tribal Peoples For Tomorrows World, 2011, Freeman Press
  • John A Grim (Ed): Indigenous Traditions and Ecology, 2001, Harvard University
  • Graham Harvey Animism: Respecting the Living World, 2005, Hurst
  • Graham Harvey (Ed): The Handbook of Contemporary Animism, 2013, Acumen
  • Bron Taylor (Ed): Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature (2 Vols), 2008, Continuum
Indigenous Theological Reflection
  • Vine Deloria Jr. God Is Red: a Native view of religion, 2003, Fulcrum Publishing
  • Steve Heinrichs (Ed): Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: conversations on creation, land justice, and life together, 2013, Herald Press
  • Rev. Maori Marsden (C Royal – Ed): The Woven Universe, 2003, Te Wananga-o-Raukawa
  • Rainbow Spirit Elders: Rainbow Spirit Theology: towards an Australian Aboriginal theology, 2007, ATF Press
  • George E Tinker: An American Indian Theological Response to Ecojustice, in J Weaver (Ed) Defending Mother Earth: Native American perspectives on environmental justice, 1996, Orbis Books
Spirituality, Theology, Culture
  • David Abram: The Spell of the Sensuous: perception and language in a more than human world, 1996, Vintage Books
  • David Abram: Becoming Animal: an earthly cosmology, 2010, Vintage Books
  • Richard Bauckham: Living with Other Creatures: green exegesis and theology, 2012, Paternoster
  • Ian Bradley: The Celtic Way, 1993, Darton Longman & Todd
  • Graham Harvey: Listening People, Speaking Earth: contemporary paganism, 1997, Hurst
  • Janet Hodgson & Jay Kothare: Vision Quest: native spirituality & the church in Canada, 1990, Anglican Book Centre
  • Sally McFague: The Body of God: an ecological theology,1993, Fortress
  • Noel Moules: Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace: a spiritual manifesto from a Jesus perspective, 2012, Circle Books
  • Achiel Peelman: Christ Is a Native American, 1995, Orbis Books
  • Bruce Stanley: Forest Church: a field guide to nature connection for groups and individuals, 2013, Mystic Christ Press
  • Shirley Toulson: The Celtic Alternative: a reminder of the Christianity we lost, 1987, Century
  • Mark Wallace: Finding God in the Singing River: Christianity, Spirit, Nature, 2005, Fortress
  • Mark Wallace Green: Christianity: five ways to a sustainable future, 2010, Fortress

This trilogy is a helpful introduction to aspects of Animism in the form of the novel.

  • Daniel Quinn: Ishmael: an adventure of the mind and spirit, 1992, Bantam Books
  • Daniel Quinn: The Story of B: an adventure of the mind and spirit, 1996, Bantam Books
  • Daniel Quinn: My Ishmael: a sequel, 1997, Bantam Books